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Internet up to 1Gbps and VoIP

Supercharge your business and your home!

Starting at $295

ConnectFast Business Internet

  • Fast Internet up to 1Gpbs

  • Delivered over Fiber Optics

  • Connected to Global Internet Backbone

  • Local Tech Support

  • No Contract Required

Starting at $390

ConnectFast Business IP+Voice

  • Fast Internet up to 1Gbps

  • Delivered over Fiber Optics

  • Includes 3 feature-rich hosted VOIP phones

  • Unlimited Domestic Long Distance 

  • For other options please contact Sales@connectFast.net

Starting at $39.95

ConnectFast@Home Internet

  • Fast Internet up to 1Gpbs

  • Delivered over Fiber Optics

  • Connected to Global Internet Backbone

  • Local Tech Support

  • No Contracts or Data Caps

  • Netflix, Google, Akamai Cache servers hosted locally

  • Only available in select areas

About ConnectFast

Fast affordable Internet & Voice to power your business

Our mission at ConnectFast is simple: to provide high-quality, ultra-fast, affordable Internet and Voice services for our valued clients. We understand how critical fast and reliable Internet has become for your office and at home. Through open communication and exceptional service, we are confident that you will have an experience far better than with any other service provider. 

Contact us today at Sales@ConnectFast.net to experience the difference.

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Why ConnectFast Internet

Fiber Optics

Faster Internet Speeds, Dependable Network

With your Internet delivered over a fiber optic network you can experience faster speeds and higher uptime.  ConnectFast's reliable fiber optic network equates to you being able to fully leverage the Internet to work for you when you need it. With Internet delivered over fiber optics the future is limitless and worry-free.

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Up to 1Gbps

Future proof your Internet

With ConnectFast's 1Gbps internet service you can rest assured that your Internet connection will have the speed and bandwidth you need for whatever the future may bring.  Use ConnectFast's  at your business to Internet to create your own SD-WAN or enable your business to support a mobile workforce a home. No more hour-glassing when watching your favorite shows or online gaming.  Access to up to 1Gbps of Internet bandwidth will take you wherever you need to go.

Global Internet Network

Incredible Low-Latency Experience

Your ConnectFast Internet connection is not just part of a local network that relies on a single provider.  It is connected to the world.  With PoPs and peering points connected throughout the globe and locally hosted content servers, your data will get to where it needs to go faster.  If you are looking to migrate to the cloud via one the major cloud providers or are leveraging the Internet to connect to remote locations, ConnectsFast's heavily peered, global Internet will get your data there quickly and let you enjoy a fast seamless Internet the way it was meant to be!

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Local Phone Tech Support

Committed to keeping you going

With ConnectFast you not only receive top notch Internet Access, it also comes with local tech support and customer service.  Our friendly, responsive and well-trained support team is ready to offer assistance when your business needs it. Call anytime Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and get a live person answering the phone ready to assist and provide fast resolution.

Service and Support Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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