Blazing Fast Internet

Speeds up to 1Gbps

ConnectFast@Home is built for speed and ultra high performance.  Delivered directly to you over a high speed fiber optic network gives you access to up to 1Gbps of blazing fast Internet access.

Content You Connect To

Netflix, Google, Akamai and other content servers hosted locally

No more hour-glassing while trying to load or watch the content you want.  Its always available, it's always fast!

Connect to a National Internet Backbone

Better experience

If you work from home, use conferencing tools like Zoom, or Teams, or just simply want Internet that performs, ConnectFast@Home is directly connected to a heavily peered national backbone. Providing you the performance and reliability you need!

Ultra Affordable Bandwidth

Up to 1Gbps for $39.95 with no contract and no data caps!

Get online with the fastest and most reliable Internet available in your area for an amazingly low price.  No contracts, no data caps, and no price increases! Just fast Internet at affordable prices.

For Utah Customers Click Here to see if you can get ConnectFast@Home.

If you have already been qualified for UTOPIA Fiber services please click the Buy button to get started.

Working from Home


If you do not find an answer to your question please email us:

How can I get ConnectFast@Home?

Presently ConnectFast@Home is only available for Utah residents that qualify for UTOPIA services.  Please visit to see if you qualify.

Once you have been qualified on UTOPIA's Fiber network and have placed your order,  select ConnectFast as your ISP and you can then return to this site to purchase your plan.  

If you are already a UTOPIA customer and are looking to change your ISP to ConnectFast@Home, go to the Plans & Pricing section of this site and pick your plan.

Does ConnectFast@Home include a router?

ConnectFast@Home does not include a router.  We do recommend the following routers:

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700 - AC1750 

Can I get Static IP addresses?

Yes, ConnectFast@Home offers a Static IP address for an additional charge.  Please see the Pricing and Plans page for current pricing for a ConnectFast@Home with Static IP.

Pricing and Plans

Do you offer IPv6 space?

Yes, please visit our pricing and plans page for additional costs.

Pricing and Plans

Why don't you offer lower bandwidth plans?

ConnectFast@Home is offering a 1Gbps plan at a price lower than what other ISPs are offering their 1Gbps plans.

Do you offer 10G?

At present we do not.   Most consumer-grade devices and appliances including routers do not have the capability to utilize 10G bandwidth to its full potential.  Once residential devices can better utilize it, we will offer it.

Do you offer any other services like firewall, email, and other similar services?

At ConnectFast, we are focused on providing you with the fastest and best performing broadband connection.  We spend our time and efforts adding peering and content to our network so that you can have the best Internet experience possible.  Most services such as firewall, email, data storage, phone & TV, are available either for free or are best delivered to you by firms that make those services their area of expertise.  

How do I pay for ConnectFast@Home?

ConnectFast@Home is only available with an autopay plan.  For your convenience we accept most all major credit cards and debit cards.